Verbs Via Ones and Zeros

where technology meets the alphabet and back with a verbengeance

About Nicole July 3, 2009

There are no rules on this blog.  no punctuation rules.  no spelling rules.  no profanity rules.  nothing.  the only thing that matters on this blog is that I am in charge here (but I’m quite benevolent  – see the flowers at the top of the page? or are they hundreds of electrical zaps…?).  

Politeness?  Go fuck yourself.

Vagueness?  Only if I want to.

Opinions?  Have we met?  Oh, wait.  Probably not.  Then my answer is: You bet your ass. 

Stalker who makes mean comments?  I am frighteningly computer savvy and will digitally hunt you down and have done so before.  Twice.  Especially if you comment. The more you comment, the more I know about you.  It’s better for you to just stay the fuck out of my life and go stalk someone else.  Trust me.

damn i’m snarky in this introduction.  there are snarky sides of me but there are also soft sides of me (again: flowers, above).

I’m Nicole.  

I took a long break from blogging, and now

I’m back with a verbengeance.

I suck at proofreading my own work.  I’m no grammarian, although I respect those who are, in fact I love you people.  I skip letters and words because I type fast. Deal with it.  If you find yourself grappling with an irresistible urge to proofread my blog posts, feel free.

[My sorta bio]

I co-founded and now own, where I’ve been facilitating writers groups and creative writing workshops throughout Los Angeles since 2003.  Running the business and the groups are among the few things that I am really good at, and the more I do it, the better I get.  I spend a significant portion of my time working with aspiring fiction writers, and I love it.  I’d produced several short films, then decided to concentrate on writing because the film industry just isn’t for me.  Unless they want to buy a screenplay.  Now, I write fiction and poetry (seriously, I do) and run creative writing workshops.  I didn’t go to school for creative writing, I have no MFA in anything.  I’d never even heard of MFA’s in Creative Writing until people who signed up for my workshops possessed them.   Most recently, I’ve had stories published on (Sanity is a One-Trick Pony issue) which is now called The View from Here or something else, I think it changed again, Six Sentences, and my story Your First Date was featured as story of the week in Narrative Magazine.  Which reminds me, I need to send my work out more often.  I SUCK at sending my work out, but when I do, I have a great acceptance rate.  It’s a flaw I have.  We all have flaws.  I also own a company called Searchivore where I help business get found on Search Engines.  I’ve also done a bit of freelance writing when I can stomach it.

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